More rambles.

Despite the summer-like weather today, there aren’t nearly as many people out and about as you may expect. Which, really, is unfortunate because people watching is one of my favorite pass times. Since I’m unable to indulge myself in that, I find myself torn between here and there. On one hand, I’m working through the weirdness of next week’s schedule and then on the other I’m plotting out my novel in my head. I should probably be doing that on paper, but it’s easier this way. There’s so much on my mind though. That makes it increasingly difficult to summarize a geographic location while planning five days worth of work into two days.

If I could just write it all off my mind then maybe I could manage to accomplish something seemingly productive in the next few hours at this table, but the chances of that are slim to none. I find it nearly impossible to be completely honest with myself and divulging into self-ignorance is the easier temptation. Unhealthy behavior, I know. There’s comfort in the familiar though and the familiar is bottling everything up until the world comes crashing down.

This isn’t going anywhere.


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