An update.

I must admit that my novel is off to a difficult and tragic start. I’m having a hard time not revising what I’ve already written. In fact, tonight I rewrote the introduction and I still hate it. This creation of a new world is more challenging than I expected and I can’t find a good point in time to begin the telling.

There is a balance between too much telling and not enough history that I can’t simply find in the last 28 hours. I’m struggling enough to make me want to delete everything and begin new.

There’s no time for that. I’m already behind on my word count and I need to step up my game if I’m going to make this work. It’s five o’clock in the morning and I know that there will be no time for writing between waking and working. I need to come up with at least 3200 words that I can live with before I can allow myself to sleep. Even if it’s not the beginning. Maybe skipping the beginning is easier. I can always come back to it.

It’s time to approach this from a different angle and see what I come up with. November is going to be a long month.


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