The past doesn’t always haunt you.

In the last few months I’ve reconnected with an old friend from high school. Yesterday, she became my sponsor. Not for drugs or alcohol, but for sadness. We’ve spent today sending little reminders to “not be sad.” It’s been silly, but effective for both of us. Next weekend we’re going to grab a few drinks at the barcade that opened downtown.

It’s nice to get that reminder every once in a while that not all people are scumbags and that friendships really do exist. I’ve been reminded more than once over the last two days that there are people out there who care about how I am. A good friend said to me yesterday that he wanted to make sure I wasn’t trying to distract myself from my own mental health by hiding in other people’s sadness. I used to do that and was surprised that he remembered. The reality check was good for me. It made me more confident that I’m getting involved with CTL for the right reasons.

This world doesn’t always have to be a miserable mess of sadness. Some people are light in your darkest hour. Not because you asked them to be, but because they wanted to.


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