Catching up.

Since I’ve vowed to write every single day I’ve only actually written something twice. This is starting to look like my attempt to write myself a letter every day for an entire year. I think that I made it to letter number seven before it all fell apart. Granted, I was writing to someone else instead after that.

Maybe I should try that letter a day thing again. I never did open the ones that I wrote last June or July. Mostly because I remember how the first letter starts out and I don’t want to read those words in my handwriting. I’m not ready for that yet.

Apparently it’s enough just knowing that it exists. I wonder if it would be cleansing or damaging to host a bonfire of everything currently on my desktop. Frankly, I want to cleanse everything that serves as a reminder. Would it help?

How do you heal? I’m just tired of being broken.


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