Hello Spring 2010.

I start this semester by comparing it to the last. It’s the first week of the semester, Thursday, and I’m already in the swing of things. Last semester I never got into it. I spent the first month or so just kind of zoned out of reality, something was wrong with my world. I came out of that trance into a more self-destructive reality. I didn’t care what happened. I was just living for the moment, to hell with what happened next. I stopped taking care of myself. I quit really eating, I was drinking every night, smoking a pack and a half of menthols a day, doing a number of things that I’m not proud of now. Then I came back to planet Earth. That’s how I start this new semester, with a firm grip on just who it is I am. Sure, there are a few things in my life that I wish would settle, but over all I can’t complain too much.


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