The bartender is one of my best friends.

Normally, I come home at three forty in the morning and there is a very sexy brunette involved. Tonight I was out at a bar. I went to have a beer, just a beer. I mean, pneumonia and all this bullshit, I figured I deserved a beer. So I didn’t take my medicine all day today so I could have this beer and I end up at the bar for four hours. A couple of beers and a couple of shots later, it was closing time and here I am. I guess I just needed to talk and well, my bartender, she listens. It’s another mother, but one who promotes alcohol as opposed to discouraging it. All and all, tonight made me feel better. It was nice to talk it all out. Now, I need to sleep. Tomorrow, I start with the medicine again. Tomorrow, I go back to reality. Tonight, it was nice to let it all go.


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