What’s it feel like to be a ghost?

In the thicket of the darkest night, the deepest dream, the moon has faded and left the trees in total darkness. I won’t walk down these paths again, but there is where I seem to be going without really putting up much of a fight. Who you used to be is not who you are, who you are cannot be who you used to be without breaking. I understand, I understand. Don’t think so much about it, just let what’s going to happen..happen. It’s what you’ve been doing this entire time, is it not? Just go with the flow of things, live life a moment at a time and deal with the things that are right in front of your face. You never listen. You can’t be both a laid-back drifter and this iron control freak, it doesn’t work that way, aren’t you learning that? You keep preparing, you keep waiting, you keep laying there wondering at night until it drives you absolutely insane. Now you’re talking to yourself, wonderful. And answering yourself even. I suppose that’s what a blog is for. No one can decode these words, no one but me. It’s all a riddle, it’s all an epic poem. There’s so much beneath the surface that no one will ever see. You’re trying to drop all those walls. Are you even capable of that? I might just be. Even if you’re not, isn’t it the point that you’re trying to push them back. You don’t want to hide. That’s a big step for you, my friend who is myself. Yes, I know. Don’t get tangled in the web again. Ah, I can feel this building. Do you even know what you’re talking about now. No, not really. I was talking about me, I suppose I still am. Alright then. What about you? A lot about me, no one knows. You’re slightly insane? Possibly, isn’t everyone worth knowing a little crazy though? What are you going to do? Take it a day at a time. There’s nothing left that can be done. Not everything can be perfect. No, but some of it can. Is it? It is. You’re a liar. I am not. Okay. I’ve got places to be that aren’t at this computer. I’ve got places to be that aren’t writing senseless gibberish. I’ve got places to be that I want to be. So, I’m going.


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