When the world comes crashing down who’s ready to party?

Hello there, ghost from my past, I see that you didn’t stay in the shallow grave that I left you in. You picked an interesting time to claw your way out of the coffin. It’s even more interesting that you would show back up with a comment that has never been more accurate than it is now. You know who I was and understand who I tried to be. You know why that didn’t work because you know the foundation without the walls. You know the operations and the truth. I didn’t let you in here, but you came in through the window. I can’t put you out. I wish like hell that I could and that then I could lock the door behind you. There is no one who can make me feel so raw, you know too much. You knew it all before I said it. You assumed and you stood by that. I don’t know how it is that you were so right without effort. We’re two sides of the same coin, aren’t we? I wish I could just put you out. I tried to once. That Charles River is biased. I don’t have to wonder why that it. You silly dancer, you taught me so much back then. It looks like you’ve come back around with another lesson just when I decided that I wasn’t being taught anymore. You don’t ask me to listen though, you make me listen. I truly thought that I was rid of you after last year. No, just because it appeared that way on the surface doesn’t mean that’s how it ever was. It was always there, I just stopped reading between the lines. So, now you’ve decided to beat me with the book to see if that helps or not. Silly dancer, don’t you remember how dense I am? Don’t you remember that I never listen to you? Ah, but I remember that you leave me no choice. Party at the end of the world, eh? Alright, I’m in.


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