This is not my bed.

Yawn. Good morning or good evening, depending on your time zone. Tomorrow it is supposed to rain, possibly storm, this is the best news I’ve had all week. I’m in desperate need of an all night thunder-storm. I miss them, I never really pay attention to how often it rains until I need to and it refuses. I should be asleep, considering that it’s five in the morning and I have a meeting at the theater at 10, but here I am at the computer, typing away instead of laying in my bed attempting to do that sleeping thing that everyone keeps claiming is so good for me. I’m simply not tired, but I suppose that here shortly, after this cigarette is gone, I’ll go lay down and at least  try it out. I’m doing yard work with my mom tomorrow and that’ll fucking suck if I haven’t slept at all. Right now though, I’m eating this poptart, then I’ll smoke, and then I might try this sleep thing for a couple of hours. Or maybe I won’t and I’ll just rough it on Red Bull until Sunday when I can sleep before I have to go to work. I’m not working a lot this week. I work the theater Sunday and then security Monday, and then I’m off until at least Thursday, we’ll have to see when the theater schedule comes out what I work this coming weekend, but Lisa has stopped working me Fridays and Saturdays. They’re nice to have off when I have something to do, but when I don’t it’s actually really annoying.

Alright, time to go try this sleep thing. I’ve got to stop going to bed in the wee, bizarre hours of the morning, really.


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