A rainy, lazy Sunday afternoon.

Well, yesterday was shopping day and I have edited my wardrobe a bit. It now includes more collared shirts than are actually necessary. I think I bought, three t-shirts? The rests are all button-down dress shirts, because I feel the need to be a giant asshole. I also have two new ties, one of which will need tied and I have finally learned how to do it. I don’t know how I learned how to do it, I just picked one up while we were shopping and did it. I guess all that practicing and getting it wrong subconsciously paid off. Excellent. So, now that my wardrobe is updated, Drake and I are going to get dressed up like sexy men and go out some night and party our asses off. Why? Because we can. Today is a lazy Sunday, it’s kind of nice. I’m going to go visit my grandparents here in a bit, then head off to push some popcorn before coming home. It’s been raining just about all day, off and on. I love it. It’s awesome. It reminds me that you’re always around, even when I can’t touch you. I miss you firefly and I love you.❤


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