The sun is beginning to set already.

Well, I finally made it home a few hours ago. I haven’t gotten around to doing anything productive yet. I simply locked myself in the Batcave and have sat, in various places around the room, doing absolutely nothing but thinking. I know better than to do that, I really do, but I’m the only one who doesn’t take my advice. That’s not great, because I’m probably the one who needs it the most. I don’t even trust myself anymore.

There are so many things that need done that I’m not doing. I have case briefs and reading, the LAE Agenda that Angie e-mailed me about two hours ago and I never responded, and sleeping. I don’t think I’ve been doing enough of that lately. I attempted it this morning, but the dream that woke me up was enough to convince me not to try it again and has further convinced me that I shouldn’t bother with it tonight either.

I feel the need to go out and walk, but I keep coming up with reasons why I shouldn’t. All the things I should be doing, but then I’m sitting here not doing them, so what does it really matter if I’m not doing anything productive here or if I’m out there where I want to be not doing them? I guess it doesn’t. Time to go look at the stars.


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