Outside there are no walls and I can see the stars.

9-16-09 2252 Traffic. There’s more of it than I would expect on a Wednesday night here in this little village and I’ve only been out here by the restaurant for about fifteen minutes. The cop pulled in a few minutes ago to keep me company, fucking prick. I don’t think he likes me sitting here, he keeps looking. Hello asshole, I’m not doing anything, so sod off. It’s extremely clear out tonight, no clouds to cover up the stars. These cigarettes are pretty damn awesome once the filters have been cut. They only come in 100’s right now. Lame. I think my head is starting to clear, that’s a positive. Maybe it means that I’ll be able to get some work done tonight after all. I don’t guess I should count on that though. Going back into the house just might fuck everything up. Out here there are no walls, out here I can see the stars. Out here I feel closer to you.❤

Traffic is starting to slack off. I think the cop scared them all to the bypass. I can’t say as I blame them. He annoys the fuck out of me too. There is no moon out tonight. That makes me sad. It should not be hiding. The moon is my friend. I guess that I should try inside again and get something done.


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