Still not paying attention to class.

Buddhism. It’s an extremely interesting religion and an extremely interesting class, except that I don’t think we’re actually learning anything that we’re supposed to be learning. This class is essentially a giant discussion about things. I think that’s why I like listening to it so much.I’m not at all saying that I’m devoting my life to the religion or anything, but it interesting to hear about. I guess most religions are that way. I might actually start doing the reading. It could actually be a really good idea and it might be more interesting reading than most of the rest of my classes. Well, I don’t know, Criminal Law is pretty interesting stuff if you’re into that kind of thing, and I am.

This is only my second class of the day. I still have two more to make it through before I can go home for the evening and dive into some homework or something. Today has been a pretty good day so far. It might be all the energy drinks, it might be because it’s Tuesday, it might just be a good day. Either way, it’s good.


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