So many things I could be doing and I should be sleeping.

I’m still awake and I know that I shouldn’t be. Granted, I was doing case briefs, but I’m about twenty of those ahead now. It was just something to do that wasn’t go to bed. I keep saying that this is my last cigarette and then I’ll go to bed, then I find something else to do. Something to clean or another case brief to do, a chapter to read for something or another. There are a hundred and ten things I can do around here that aren’t sleep. I’m thinking that I might go for a walk, but then I know I’ll regret it in the morning, because once I hit that night air it’ll take the sunrise to bring me back indoors. It’s one of those restless nights, I suppose. I’m trying to avoid catering to it, but I suppose that just because I’m not out walking the shadows I’m still giving it what it wants by sitting here at this computer and not laying in my bed. It’s almost four-thirty in the morning. That means I’ve got five and a half hours before I need to be out of bed and headed for the class room. At least tomorrow is a relatively busy day for me. I’ve four classes and then I might go see Extract with Drake. It’s nice to have a full day of things to do. Idle hands do the devil’s work and all that, or they type and write until I get carpel tunnel. Hah. Alright, this really is my last cigarette and then I’m going to bed. I mean it this time, really.


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