Just another day in the life.

As far as Mondays go, today was one of the better ones. I guess that would be yesterday now that it’s one thirty in the morning. I went to class, met Drake for lunch, went and checked on Brittany’s house, came home, took a nap, then I went to work. It was a very fluid day, all in all.

Drake went to the mall when I went to work, so I walked around and talked to him for a while. After he left, I went back to the office to catch up my paper work and talk to Rat. Then, I went down to NY&Co. to talk to Stephanie and Casey. I’ve decided that they are in need of some therapy, but Casey more so than Stephanie. It was a nice thirty minutes of entertainment, like T.V. Then it was lock up time, so I headed out front to park my ass for an hour and people watch. There wasn’t much traffic coming out of the mall tonight. It was pretty dead over all, but I did see a girl who was not wearing any pants. I’m not sure that’s legal. I also saw an Asian skater and this little group of teenage sluts waiting for the bus. It was a relatively boring hour.

I had to come home through H-Town, because the bridge is closed at night for the next two nights. Lame. Anyway, I suppose I should do some case briefs and then go to bed. Tomorrow is one of my longer days, being that it doesn’t end until 6:30. Hopefully sleep will not allude me tonight.


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