Boring blogging happens.

I’ve made my way from Buddhism to Criminal Law, which means I have one more class after this and then sweet freedom. Well, one more class and a meeting. It also means that I should be paying a little more attention than I am.

Hm. I need to charge my computer before I go to Gender, because God knows that there’s nothing to do in there but surf the internet or sleep. I really need to do some catch up reading for that before next week, because I think there might be an exam.

Ugh, exams already and it feels like the semester hasn’t really gotten started yet. Well, we’re a month in already. Shit, when did that happen? I’m not really sure.

Today marks the beginning of a new part of my countdown, it is exactly 100 days from right now. Yes, I’m so lame that I counted it out. Yes, it made me smile a little. Don’t judge me, I’m in love.


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