Attempted sleep.

There is a blanket of stars stretched out over the late night Ohio sky and a cool breeze that reminds me that it’s fall. The night could only be a more perfect picture if it rained, but then, I may have never come inside. I can’t believe that it’s September already, nearly half way through it now. Where did the summer go? It feels like it was just yesterday that it was a mid-July day with no worries but the next moment. It could have also been decades ago. My mind still isn’t really sure what to do with time.

I should be sleeping now. I have class in the morning and work after that, but I can’t bring myself to lay down and even attempt. I slept last night and spent the entire day attempting to wake up, I’m not sure that I ever really did. Now, at two in the morning, I find that though my bed looks inviting, it’s really a trap that I don’t want to risk getting caught in. I suppose I’ll attempt it though, if I don’t I’ll regret it come tomorrow.



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