Just waking up.

I’m not exactly sure where the weekend went, but I’m glad that it’s almost over. At it’s beginning it felt as though Sunday would never come and now here it is without much thought. My mind does interesting things with time when I’m not paying much attention to it. Sometimes it stops and I look around and before I know it, it’s marched off a week later and I can’t recall when or how that happened. That’s how this weekend went for me.

Friday, after classes, I just kind of stopped to look around and reevaluate and now here Sunday is. I slept last night, with some assistance, but slept none-the-less. It’s about twelve-thirty now, but it feels like I’ve woke up at three am, despite the sun that’s shining through my windows.  There isn’t much to do on this Sunday afternoon. I need to gather my references for this Theory paper and go to my grandparents, but I have six hours to do that before I have to get to work. Right now, I’m just trying to determine if I’m really awake or if this is some bizarre vivid dream.

Part of me just wants to crawl back into bed and sleep until Monday morning when it’s time to go to class, but I know that I can’t do that. I probably couldn’t go back to sleep now if I wanted to.

I had a big fight with my mother yesterday. There isn’t much to say about that or at least not much that I want to say right now. Despite the face that it was possibly one of the worst fights we’ve had, I think it was a positive thing. It put us back into perspective and brought the ground back under my feet. Maybe I’ll luck out and things will even start making sense again, hah.

I suppose I should get started on these references before I decide that I can do them after work and I’m up half the night reading about serial killers. Although, as ways to spend your night go, at least that is an interesting choice.


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