A mundane explanation of today.

Hello Friday morning, I don’t know when you got here, but it’s rather nice to see you. I actually slept last night. This comes as an amazement to me. Granted, I didn’t go to bed until around three or four o’clock in the morning, but that’s actually pretty damn early for me. I’m usually watching the sun come up over the horizon and wondering where the night went. So, I banked about five hours of sleep last night, which is fucking great. If I can kill off nights around then all semester I should have equal parts studying my ass off and actually getting sleep.

The girl who just walked into the room is wearing something familiar. She did not smell like that when she left or else I was not paying much attention to her existence. It’s probably that second one, because I’m not really paying attention to much of anything right now. I’m sitting here in Theory class and I’m actually taking notes, but this is all one giant repeat from several other classes that I’ve had, so I don’t really have to focus quite as much as Kim might wish I was.

I got the grass mowed yesterday. It should be good for a little bit now.

I was extra productive most of the evening. I blame the rise of the roller coaster tracks, but at least it was a productive high as opposed to a destructive one. It’s right at the beginning now though. Right now it’s the brightest light, the strongest drug, and I am a junkie waiting on my next hit. Sometimes I wish it would just stay right here, then I remember where it goes from here and I change my mind. Just go with the flow, there’s no other choice anyway.

I went home and locked myself in the Bat Cave. I’m going to get that place organized if it kills me. I need the space to be right again, somewhere I can actually study. I’m going to turn that back half of the house into a mini-apartment. It’s my goal for the weekend since I don’t have to work. I finally got around to making a task list of things that I need to get done to help get my mind back on track. I think there are like fifty things on the list, but that’s okay.

It’s almost time for class to be over, this is the only one that I have for the day. I’m headed over to the student center after this one lets out, to meet Drake for lunch. Then I’m going back to the Bat Cave.


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