Tonight I looked up at the sky.

I was just standing outside. It’s a nice, cool September night out there, just nearly perfect if a night could be so empty and hold such a meaning. I went tonight to see Gamer with Drake, I thought heading over to the Cinema like we do from time to time might be a good way to bring the world back into place. It would be something normal. Something that made some kind of sense. I couldn’t have been more wrong. It was a good movie, really, but I wasn’t really there either. I’m not sure I’ve actually been anywhere all day today. I’ve been walking around like a ghost. It surprised me that people noticed. We stood outside and talked for a few minutes and I just stared up at the sky and wondered. It’s one in the afternoon in Japan, there is no moon in her sky right now. Its come to visit me now and I wonder if it’ll tell her I stood staring up at it as though it held every answer in the world for me and that I wished it would rain again, when she sees it next. I had to make myself come inside. It would be so easy to just stand there and look at the moon and stars until the sun came up and forced them out of the sky. Now I’ve eaten and I’m smoking, but I can’t bring myself to crack open my book and brief these cases. It’ll get done before I sleep. I know that it will because everything always does. I’ll last minute every detail, but when it comes crunch time I bust it. But, I might not sleep for a solid week. That’s not usual for me at all, but I’m not sure I can handle the sunrise in the morning. Well, I suppose like everything else it’ll make me smile and it’ll bring tears to my eyes. Everything is that strange combination of the brightest memories and the deepest pit, but then it mixes and everything stops making sense again. I’m lost anyway, I might as well go lose myself in these case briefs. If I feel the need to type, I should be productive.


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