Idle hands do the devil’s work.

Welcome to the newly remodeled first floor of the library. I’ve parked myself in here for the time being because they have Apple computers and I believe that I’m slowly turning into a walking advertisement for Apple. Sony lost most of my respect when my cell phone randomly exploded in my pocket. It’s probably time to find a new brand to be loyal to for awhile. This morning wasn’t too bad. It started off without enough coffee though. I wasn’t actually sure if there was going to be enough coffee in the world to deal with a morning that started with two and a half hours sleep. When there is no sleep at all, it’s not really too bad. My body just realizes that I’m not going to sleep and it slowly begins to compensate for the loss until I finally decide to go to bed. A nap like the one I had this morning is just a cruel tease. I’ll remember that for next time. No, I probably won’t. It’s alright though, coffee cures just about everything for me. At least when it comes to sleeping and the lack of. The rest of my day is pretty much free. I’m going to do some grass mowing here in about an hour or so, but after that I’m wide open for the evening. I haven’t decided what to do with it. I was expecting to have to work. It’s when I have this idle time that I find myself in trouble. I’ve been having a really good day today. I went to three classes today with fifteen minute breaks between each of them. That’s just about perfect. I was scheduled down to the second, especially since during one of them I had to take a moment to print out the massive amount of case briefs that I did last night. Then I went to the LAE meet and greet, which I label a complete success. After that I walked out of the building and was halfway across campus when I just stopped and looked around. The wind blew and I wondered “now what?” That is a very good question, indeed. Because I don’t really have an answer for that. I was hoping that by working two jobs and carrying this many credit hours that I’d have free time in very small amounts, but it doesn’t seem to be working out for me that way. Then again, I can’t get my books until tomorrow, at least then I’ll have something to read. That’s probably how I’ll spend most of my weekend. I’m going to clean out my office tonight, I’ve decided. I want some space that I can function in that makes sense to me. I’m probably going to start sleeping out there again. It’s my weekend goal, reading and cleaning it out. There we go. Now I’ve got something to focus on. I think I might even have a clear plan for the evening. I’m going to go mow grass, since it didn’t rain like it was supposed to. Then I’ll go home and get to work cleaning out the office until I can set it up exactly the way that I need it to be. I might even redecorate my walls or something crazy like that. That’ll kill two birds with one stone. I’ll get to have this little space that I desire right now and I’ll have cleaned some on the house. It’ll please my mother. Okay, good to have a game plan.


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