Something finally sparked.

I’m not sure if it was the storm’s coming and then it’s passing or if it was something else that finally set off some kind of reaction in me, but it’s nice to feel. I’ve been walking around like a zombie all day, even my best friend made comment. You look dead. I probably do. There’s something missing, although that’s okay, I’d rather it all be complete, but I can wait. That would be the most important point that I’m trying to make here I think. Yeah, I’m hurting a little bit, but it’s worth the wait. I’ll have these days where I walk around like I’m a thousand miles from everything, my whole world will feel wrong and I’ll wonder in a daze what I can do to bring it back. Some times you might catch me crying or smiling at moments that make absolutely no sense. I’ll turn a song on the radio because I can’t listen to it in the moment. I’ll walk away at the mention of the wrong moment, but I’m going to be alright because I know. I’m beyond a shadow of a doubt sure that the next three months are going to be like that, but come Decemeber it’ll click back up again, because she’ll be back. So, I’m going to whine some days, I’m going to be an asshole on a bad day, I’m probably going to be a lame emo from time to time. That’s okay.


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