It’s just another day in the tri-state.

This morning has been much like the last several hundred that have started off at Marshall University, except that it hasn’t been at all. Twenty four hours ago I was on my way home from Columbus, I wasn’t sitting here in a class. So, I suppose today didn’t start off much like yesterday at all. But, walking across campus this morning was pretty much the same. I didn’t quite have that same touch to my step that I had yesterday, but I’ve been keeping my head up. I listen to my playlist as I head for class and I know it’s going to be an alright day.

The typhoon doesn’t appear to have caused a problem with Brittany’s flight at all. She’s made it safe and sound, which is a great relief. She e-mailed me this morning and made my day. I called her Dad after I got to campus. I was a little nervous about that, parent’s make me nervous, but I lucked out. Because, as it turns out, he’s pretty awesome. So, boyfriendly duty done for the day.

Tomorrow I’m going to go down and cut the grass, I do believe. I think I’ll make Thursdays my grass cutting day, it’ll fit in nice with this little routine that I’m attempting to work up. If I could actually find a schedule that worked out for me then I could probably take over the world in about a week or so.


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