Life doesn’t have to be so hard.

Well, now I’m sitting in the back of my Sex and Gender class. It would appear that I’m not paying much attention at all, but that’s because class hasn’t bothered to start yet, although the professor just walked in. I feel very much above it all today. It’s an interesting feeling, what I’m feeling right now. I think for the moment I’ll like it and see where I go with it from there. Today I am simply what I am and nothing more. I am a man who is not above tears at the thought of missing his love, I’m a man who simply goes with the flow of things and allows his emotions and thoughts to simply be as they are without expecting anything of them. What’s the point in forcing a reaction when it would only bother to go off halfcocked and fizzle out anyway? I’m very chill right now. It’s pretty fucking sweet if I must say so myself and I must, since I’m going to be an egotistical bastard who’s above it all today. It is, afterall, a Tuesday afternoon and that makes all the difference when it comes to being whatever you might be. I taste like redbull and I wonder if I can get high off my own kisses. I wonder if just maybe I’m on some sort of denial and shock high right now that’s going to come crashing down around me when I just get comfortable with it. That would be alright, because I’m going with the flow of things, because there’s no other way to live than in the moment and with the moment. This might be the most revolutionary day of my life today. It just might be.


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